There are some formulas for playing Dream99 over/under that experts often apply
Although Sic Bo is one of the red and black games, you can still apply the formulas to easily win the game. The dream99 over/under betting formulas that many players have passed on to each other are:

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Same duo bet – special Dream99 over/under betting formula
The first Dream99 over/under betting formula that is most loved by many people is the same pair bet. Same pair is a bet that every player will predict that out of three dice appearing, there will be two with the same result (double). The payout ratio for the identical pair bet is extremely attractive, which is 1:11 when the result is as you predicted. However, in case the player bets on a identical pair but the result is a identical triple, the player loses money.

Bet on three identical sets
If everyone has mastered the Dream99 over/under betting formula for identical pairs, then the way to play identical triples is not too strange. The betting method will be similar to the identical pair bet but applies to all three dice. That is, the player will bet that all three dice will return the same result. When you predict correctly, the payout ratio is 1:30. This is one of the payout rates with the highest payout ratio.

Total bet – Dream99 over/under betting formula is very effective
Total betting is one of the forms that is considered to be quite difficult because people need to predict how many total points all three dice will have before making a decision to bet. Players need to guess the total number of points correctly to receive money. Although quite difficult, the total betting format is extremely interesting.

Betting on numbers – interesting Dream99 over/under betting formula
If you want to win big when playing Over/Under Dream99, you definitely should not ignore the Over/Under formula for betting on numbers. Players need to predict which numbers will appear in the results. The number of times this number appears in the results will determine the reward the player receives. Specifically:

1 to 1 when the number you predict appears only once.
1 wins 2 when the number you predict appears twice
1 wins 3 when the number you predict appears three times.
Note, the payout rate for this Dream99 over/under number betting formula is completely different from the identical double bet or identical triple bet because the betting type is completely different.

Over/under betting – Dream99's over/under betting formula cannot be missed
The next most popular Dream99 over/under betting formula is that people will bet over/under. This formula is not only applied by experienced players, but also can be chosen by adherents. This is the most basic betting formula because people will only choose the over or under bet.

If the player thinks that the total score of all three dice is from 11 to 17, you can bet on Over. The payout ratio will be 1 to 1.
In case the player thinks that the total score of all three dice is from 4 to 10, you can bet on the under. The payout ratio will be 1 to 1.
Particularly in cases where all three dice have the same number of points, whether the player bets over or under will lose because this is a match of 3.

How to calculate Dream99 over/under?
When playing Dream99 Over/Under, in addition to paying attention to the Dream99 Over/Under formula to always win, you also need to pay attention to how to calculate the Over/Under bet. Calculating demand is extremely important. It determines how much a player can win.

Based on playing experience
Learning from experience is never redundant for a Sic Bo player. Although Sic Bo is a game of chance and luck, relying on the experiences of predecessors can help you increase your chances of winning very easily. During the betting process, people should note that they should not bet based on emotions but must have calculated in advance. Forming this habit will create appropriate betting rules.

Some current Sic Bo players share that the bet result will usually be 1-2-3 or 3-2-1. It mean:

The possible result will appear as 1 over – 2 under – 3 over or vice versa as 1 under – 2 over – 3 under
The possible result will appear as 3 over – 2 under – 1 over or vice versa as 3 under – 2 over – 1 under
Once players understand the betting rules, they should apply double betting to bring huge profits.

Track results history
The next way to calculate over/under bets to help players easily win besides the Dream99 over/under betting formula is that you will rely on the results history table. Looking at this results history table, players can find the rules to apply the most suitable way to play.

At the Dream99 game portal, each game will have a detailed history saved for all three dice. Therefore, players only need to grasp this information to be able to easily find the easiest way to predict fortunes. Some brothers can also find duplicates through this history table

between games.

The secret to playing Dream99 over/under that new players must know
Not only do you have a firm grasp of Dream99's over/under betting formulas, while participating in the game, you also have to have your own secrets to win.

Only bet on one bet: over or under
The only way to bet is a strategy that many people today apply because this way of playing will help people limit unfounded predictions or emotional predictions. However, if everyone only gets one bet with one bet, it will be difficult to become a tycoon. What you need to note here is that you have to double your bet each game if you don't want to lose everything. When you win, everyone returns to the original bet.

The way to play double means that in the first game, everyone only bets about 500. In the second game, everyone will increase to 1,000, in the third game, you will increase to 2,000, in the fourth game, you will increase to 4,000, and in the fifth game, you will increase to 8,000. ,… Players will continue to place bets until they win, then stop.

Learn how to catch bridges correctly
When playing Tai Xiu, in addition to mastering the Dream99 Over/Under formulas, the extremely necessary thing that everyone should not ignore is learning how to master Tai Xiu correctly. Players need to master the types of bridges to increase their winning rate.

Above is a summary of the most detailed information about the Dream99 over/under betting formula, how to calculate standard over/under bets and tips that players should apply. Hopefully these shares from will help everyone always be a master when playing Sic Bo.

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