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Over/Under is a game that uses 3 regular 6-sided dice as a tool to determine winner or loser in a game. Accordingly, players will rely on the total score of the dice rolled to predict whether the result will be Over or Under. In there:

Over: If you bet Over, you will win if the total score of the 3 dice is from 11-18 points
Under: If you bet Under, you will win if the total score of the 3 dice is from 3-10 points.
In fact, at bookmakers, the Over/Under game will have many other types of bets such as odd even, doubles, triples… But at Dream99, players will only be rewarded with the only bet type, Over/Under. This is because Dream99 is an online card game portal and Sic Bo at Dream99 is classified as a Minigame.

To play Over/Under at Dream99, you will have 2 ways. First, visit the Minigame lobby and choose the Sic Bo game to play. Second, you can quickly access the quick Minigame play feature in the right corner of the screen (illustration above). In particular, players can play Sic Bo in parallel with other betting games without having to open 2 tabs at the same time.

How to play Dream99 Over/Under
After entering the Over/Under table to bet on the outcome of the game, click on the "bet" button. If you bet on over or under, click the bet button of the corresponding side you choose. Then the Dream99 card game portal will offer you many different bet levels to choose from. Depending on the amount of money you have in hand, you can choose the bet level that suits you and then click place bet. Specifically, the bet levels include:

Bet level 1,000
Bet level 10,000
Bet level 50,000
Bet level 100,000
Bet level 500,000
Bet level 5,000,000
Bet level 10,000,000
Bet level 5,000,000
Note: Dream99 card game portal will give you 50 seconds to choose the bet level you want and place your bet. After this period they will block all player actions.

Experience playing Sic Bo
Place bets using the folding method
As mentioned above, Over/Under is a betting game that relies heavily on luck. Each bet in the Over/Under game at Dream99 will have a 50% chance of winning. Therefore, applying the folding method when playing Over/Under against Dream99 is extremely correct. Specifically, the folding method is also known as "Double to death". How to play folding is as follows:

Starting out you will bet with a small amount of money in advance. This amount will depend on your budget. When the bet results are available, if you win that bet, keep the original bet. However, when you lose that bet, just double the bet you placed in the previous game. Until you win again, return to the original bet level.

Comment: Applying the double betting method, if you have enough financial resources, you will never suffer losses.

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